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Fall. My favorite season. Some of the most vivid memories I have of childhood are walking to school, past the city park where leaves always gathered along the curb. The park was two blocks long and I walked every step in the crispy, crunchy leaves listening to them crackle under my shoes. (Don't tell anyone, but I still do that when I go out for a walk. And, I enjoy it just as much.)
Another Fall joy was raking up a big pile of leaves and then throwing myself into the middle. The crackly leaves would get inside my shirt...but, who cared? That was all part of the fun and I did it again and again.
Back-in-the-day we didn't have a city garbage service, everyone had burn-barrels in their backyards. So, after the leaves had been packed-to-the-max by jumping, into the burn barrel they went. Ahhh, that distinctive, enticing, smell of Fall going up in smoke.
My favorite color is Fall.
Submitted by: Roxanne Sayler Henke