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I have to admit, the older I get the less I appreciate cold and snow. Oh, it's great if I have nowhere to go and a fire roaring in the fireplace, but the thought of heading outside...not so much. But, what is it about being a kid? What is it that makes snow (and the cold) so exciting?

Lots of snow meant playing King of the Hill on the playground, or scooping out snow caves under the packed piles of snow. Cold meant ice-skating for hours, with a quick little stop in the warming house now-and-then. Or, if you could talk your parents into it, a drive out to one of the steep hills outside of city limits with a toboggan and a few friends.

Hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows had no calories back then. (How times have changed.)

This winter I'm going to make an effort to look at the season with "kid eyes." To see the fun and beauty contained in our prairie land.

So, remember:
When it snows you have two options: Shovel or make snow angels.

There's just something special about walking in snow that no one else has walked in. It makes you feel you're special.

Happy winter special friends.

Submitted by: Roxanne Sayler Henke