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Memories of summer in small town North Dakota:
Cool mornings started with swimming lessons. Hot afternoons were spent at the sun-heated pool...opening temperature: 62 degrees. We swam, no matter the temperature, listening to the transistor radio set by a tinny-sounding microphone playing songs that became the background music of our childhood. The sun baked the smell of chlorine and Coppertone into our skin.
At the end of the afternoon, inside the cool, damp, cement floor changing house, we huddled around the single shower head, our cold hands catching the spray, counting aloud as one-at-a-time we each got sixty seconds under the warmish water.
We peeled our wet swimsuits off, rolling them up in our damp towels, got dressed, kicked up the kickstands on our bikes waiting outside, and rode home. We sat and ate Fudgesicles outside on sun-heated brick steps. Nothing had ever tasted so good.
Ahhh, sweet memories. We hope your summer is filled with them.